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About Company

About company

Development and production of insulation polyurethane foam systems for industrial or hobby usage

We formulate systems for customers depending on their demands, technology and products. We deliver systems for production of panels for cooling or freezing, systems for hot water insulations and not at least systems for spray application on roofs, ceilings or rafters.

We spray roofs or make pouring insulations on place

We produce poured or sprayed insulation on- place, we can make sprayed insulation of the roof of industrial halls of family houses, where is also possible to spray foam on rafters or ceilings. We can also produce the poured insulation of hot water tubes on place by injecting the foam under metal sheet cover. For this purposes we use high pressure two component spray machine.

Industrial vibration insulation

We produce vibration insulators ISTAKO to prevent vibration spread from vibrating equipment to floor/ construction. More information on website www.istako.cz.